About Us

Al-Madrasa Al-Islamiya was founded in 1977 in the borough of Staten Island as an early childhood program and eventually expanded to elementary and middle school.  In 1987, Al Madrasa Al Islamiya relocated to Brooklyn, New York, where it was able to provide for the larger Muslim community.The social makeup of the school is diverse.

Our Policy

The school unlocks its gate for all children. It doesn't prevent any child from enrolling into our school due to race, religion, or ethnicity. Our school is comprised of students with diverse ethnic and social backgrounds. Cordially, our school invites the entire world's ethnicity to its small building.

Our Achievements

Al-Madrasa Al-Islamiya has proudly accomplished several significant service achievements in formal education. They include:

  1. Range of fine emerging students that excel in Islamic and academic areas.
  2. Al-Madrasa Al-Islamiya hosted a two-week summer program for Imam Muhammad Ibn Saud Islamic University.
  3. Al-Madrasa Al-Islamiya sponsored a tutorial for Arabic language and Islamic studies for its students in the African Center in the Sudan.
  4. Most of our students go on to the finest high schools, colleges, and universities.
Our Staff

The teaching staff is reflective of the students' diversity.  This dedicated group of educators has developed a creative approach to teaching that affords them the ability to teach an eclectic curriculum.  Their talents are instrumental in motivating students to reach their potential.  Many of our teachers have been educators at Al Madrasa Al Islamiya for over 15 years.

Our Students

Our students represent  very diverse social backgrounds. We have Egyptians, Palestinians, Jordanians, Yemenis, Europeans, West-Indians, African-Americans, Moroccans,  Sudanese and others.  This  social make up makes is very unique . It reflects the mosaic of Islam in America.

Our Location

Al-Madrasa Al-Islamiya is located at at 5224 Third Avenue, corner of 53 Street and 3rd Avenue in the city of New York.  The school has been housed in this building since 1998. It consists of three floors.